The home hobbyist can’t always afford the luxuries in a professional CNC shop. But with a little ingenuity and out of the box thinking, you can replicate those luxuries.  Tool carts are standard for a professional shop. But not every home machinist has the dough to spend on a tool card. No problem. It’s easy to make one yourself.  Just get a few items and put them together. Buy a CNC 40 tool tray or 2 or 3 and a 16 x 30 utility cart.  Here’s what to do.

Find an Inexpensive Utility Cart

Look at Harbor Freight or Home Depot for a sturdy utility cart. Check out teacher supply or office supply stores too.

The size is important. You want a 16 x 30 utility cart. You want one that is on wheels too.  Those wheels give you the most versatility because they make your cart mobile. It doesn’t matter if it is metal or  high-grade plastic.  They aren’t expensive. US General sells them for under $50.  Get a cart that with two or three shelves. The number of shelves you need depends on the number of tools you want to store.  Make sure it is a 16 x 30 cart.

cnc tool traysThe CNC 40 Tool Tray Set Up

Now that you’ve got your tray, you need to hold your tools. So, get the number of CNC 40 tool trays you need for your current tools with room for expansion.  The CNC tool tray sold by The Tool Company is 15 ¾” by 6 ¾”.  That’s the perfect size for your utility cart. See, 4 of these trays can sit side-by-side on each shelf of your cart. That means a simple 2 shelf cart will hold up to 80 of your 40 taper tools.

It’s just that easy to protect your tooling and keep everything in order. Just like the professional shops, but at a fraction of the cost.

Now, this example was for a shop using a 40 taper machine. But it will work with a 30 taper too as long as you get your trays from The Tool Company. That’s because their 30 taper tray is the same dimension. It holds the same number of tools too.  The taper size is the only difference.

What’s Holding You Back?

So why haven’t you done this yet? Do you think it’s no worth it? Bah!

You’ll machine more efficiently. That’s because the tool trays are numbered for easy tool calibration and selection.  You can set up the tools in the proper sequence, set them up in the tray, and save time.

The American Tool Company CNC 30 and 40 tool trays are made of high-impact plastic. They protect your expensive tooling. They even have side ears to make it easy to pick the tray up out of a cart.  It’s like they think of everything.

So what are you thinking? Buy your CNC 40 tool tray from The Tool Company and order your utility cart. You’ll have one of the luxuries of the big guys by the weekend.

2017 is here and it’s time to take inventory.  So, what’s in every shop? Commercial and hobby shops all  have these things all in common:

  • Machinist doing the work
  • Machine (drill press, lathe, mill, etc) running the tools
  • Tools
  • Tool holders

Naturally there are the things like raw materials, cutting and cleaning fluids, and collets and their wrenches too. Hey and don’t forget chuck and his key! But what every efficient shop must have are the little things that allow all of the big things to work together.  A CNC tool tray is one of those things.

cnc tool trays

CNC Tool Trays by the Tapers

There may be many models of machines but there are just a few milling machine tapers. You will find that most machines have a 30, 40, or 50 taper. As you know, the larger the taper the more powerful the mill. 60 taper machines are extremely large and extremely uncommon.

The idea of a CNC tool is to perform tool set-up in the tool crib or tool storage area. Then you use the tray to safely transport the tools to the machining area. This reduces the risk of tool damage.

Tool carts aren’t easy to navigate between equipment. That makes them a bad idea. Carry a CNC tool tray with handles and navigate even the tightest spaces.

cnc tool trays

Tools Trays at The Tool Company

The Tool Company sells CNC tool trays for 30, 40, and 50 tapers. These trays are made with a high impact plastic. It’s tough enough to protect your your expensive tools. Both Rapid-Switch and NMTB fit.

Locate your tools at a glance.  The open design makes this possible. Each position on the tray is numbered for easy tool sequencing operation. That’s just another reason efficient shops use CNC tool trays.

Like everything sold at The Tool Company, these CNC tool trays are proudly made in the USA. They are proud to serve in your American shop.  Get serious about organization and efficiency in 2017 and start using CNC tool trays.  Order your CNC tool tray today.


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