When you drill a tiny hole, you work with a tiny drill. Using a drill press or a milling machine is tricky business. You can’t get good feel of your peck with a giant machine and a tiny weensy drill bit. You’re just asking for broken bits with each peck. Pecking without a micro drill adapter is just wrong. Don’t do it.  Here’s why.

Feel the Peck

When you use your drill press on a regular basis, you get a feel for the machine. Almost instinctively you sense every part of the entire peck cycle. The signals at your fingers transmit to the brain without you thinking. You’re just conscious of keeping chips clear.

It’s not the same when that drill press is outfitted with a little bitty bit. You miss out on tactile sensation.  So, adapt the mill or press for fingertip control.  It’s easier not hard. Furthermore, it’s not expensive. You got no excuse. It doesn’t require expensive tooling.  Just add on a micro drill adapter.

Now you can feel the bit and drill effortlessly. Swap broken bits for an adapter and experience every sensation in every peck cycle.

micro drill adapter made by Sierra AmericanUsing a Micro Drill Adapter

Modify your press or mill with the micro drill adapter and take control of every peck. Simply insert the small device in the chuck (it works with keyed and keyless chucks) and then mount it on your drill or press. Take control of the bit as the spindle is rotating. It’s easy. Grab the adapter ring and begin the first peck cycle. While the spindle rotates, the adapter gives you control of the bit.  Get an even faster setup if you If you really want to be slick, put your bit in the micro drill adapter before you place the adapter in the chuck. How’s that for fast setup?

Also Known As an Accufeed

Most any CNC supply shop sells these adapters. They are also called accufeeds. Like soda and pop are the same drink,  accufeed is just just the same tool going around and using a different name.

Buy your micro drill adapter from The Tool Store if you want American-made quality. You’ll get double shielded bearings and a hardened pin design for extra durability. Don’t be wrong. Always make your small holes with a small bit and an adapter that restores fingertip control.

Wouldn’t it be great if your large mill, lathe, or jig borer could be controlled like a hand tool? CNC amps up machining to an awesome level. But, all that power, speed and automatic tool changing no longer makes the tool feel like an extension of your body. Admit it, there are times when you would like a bit of  fingertip control. Like if you need to drill small holes. That’s when you really want fingertip control. Fortunately, for those times you can still get the feel of a hand tool with a drill press. A micro drill adapter gives you hand sensitive control of your drill press.

Controlling the Peck Cycle

As you already know, holes are drilled using a peck cycle. Your drill bit is like a chicken or pigeon pecking at grain. Except your drill bit is pecking at wood, metal, or plastic.  Peck drilling stops swarf build up. You must peck if the depth of the hole is more than three times the width. When pecking, the drill bit goes in less than 5 times the diameter of the hole and then comes partially back out. Then you do it again. And again. And again till you reach the depth you need. The bit never leaves the work completely. It retracts the drill only slightly. This style of peck drilling is faster but it only works on long holes. It’s easy to overheat  break the drill bit. And it’s easy to break the bit when drilling really small holes. The smaller the hole, the smaller the bit. The smaller the bit the more control you need.

micro drill adapter made by Sierra AmericanGet in Control with a Micro Drill Adapter

If you’ve got a very large and extremely powerful machine but you need a little hole, you’ve got a problem. If you used a hand tool, you would automatically have that tactile sense of the peck.  But your big drill press wasn’t made for that kind of operation.  However, if you modify your press with a micro drill adapter you can get that kind of control. Install quickly on your drill press and suddenly you have fingertip control. You peck confidently, even when you peck at a small hole. Peck  gently with finger pressure then release. It auto returns to the top of the cycle.

Get it at The Tool Company

Make sure you get the right micro drill adapter. Get it at The Tool Company. The hardened pin design avoids problems with the tool-holding collet. Doesn’t matter if your chuck is keyed or not. That’s because the  “O” tapper fits both. The bearings are double-shielded, so it lasts. But don’t worry about tool life, you get a 5 year warranty. You won’t find that elsewhere.

Like everything at The Tool Company, it’s made in the USA. It’s made for The Tool Company by Sierra American Multi-Systems and they understand control. For a small hole, you need control. If you need control, install a micro drill adapter. And buy a micro drill adapter from The Tool Company.

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