The holiday season is here.  If there is a machinist in the family, get a gift that shows you appreciate them, you understand the skill it takes to do their job, and that you love them as much as they loves their tools.  Here’s some gift ideas like CNC tool trays and fly cutters that you might not know about.

Supercharge Their Morning Coffee

If your machinist loves their cup of Joe as much as their HSS then get them a cup that reflects their  mechanical personality.  How about this take on the Genesis of Machining.

coffee cup for machinists

machinists mug zombie hunter



Or if they are preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, then this mug over at Cafe Press is perfect.  Just remind them to leave this cup at home.  It will cause mug envy at work.




CNC Fly Cutter Set

Sure you could fall back on the reliable multi-stop, but isn’t that like giving socks?  Instead, show you appreciate their sharp eye for perfection.  Gift a CNC fly cutter set from The Tool Company.  You get 1 ½”, 2”, and 2 ½” diameter fly cutters.  They are completely balanced for stability at higher RPMs to give  the performance they demand. Every Tool Company fly cutter is heat treated for long life. They won’t crap out in the middle of a job.

CNC 50 tool trays are numbered for easy sequencingCNC Tool Trays

Get a tray for every spindle size. CNC tool trays for 30, 40, and 50 tapers sequence tools and speed set-up. It’s the gift of productivity.

CNC tool trays keep tools safe too. That’s a two-fer gift.

Easy grips handles give everyone a way to safely transport tools from storage to the work area. Not much in life is really “one size fits all” but these tool tray handles are.

Take the time to learn about their trade and learn the tools that make their lives easier. It’s a great way to say “you are important to me and what you do matters”.

Love, compassion, and respect. It’s all a great gift.

Give your machinist this gift this holiday season. Heck, remember this for their birthday too!


Need a gift for your CNC machinist? Why not give them the gift of productivity. Many people don’t think it is possible. Even The Harvard Business Review published an article about productivity and the challenges of data-driven manufacturing. They say the internet of everything is hype and that when it comes to CNC manufacturing “it will be years before we see real productivity gains”.  Well, you can give the gift of productivity gains without the internet when give sequenced CNC tool trays.

How Tool Sequencing with CNC Tool Trays Works

So, if your machinist must transport their tools from the tool crib or tool room to the machine, they must carry a tool tray. So, if thecnc tool trayy are going to carry the tools in a tray, why not in a sequenced tray?

When they put the tools needed for the job in the proper sequence before they get to the machine, they are more productive.  They decrease the tool change time.  At a glance, they will know what tool is next in the sequence.

Make set-up in the tray even easier, give them CNC tool trays with sequence markings!  When it comes to CNC manufacturing, nothing is random. So why should any machinist throw tools on a tray in a random fashion?  When they use a CNC tool tray with sequence markings, there is no mistaking the order of operation.

Your machinist works more efficiently with sequenced tool trays. ‘They’ll love you all year.

Give the Greatest CNC Tools Trays Made in the Greatest Country!

You need the greatest gift for the greatest machinist. That’s CNC tools trays with sequence markings. So, make sure you get a tray made right here in the USA.

The Tool Company sells CNC tool trays in a variety of sizes.  Whether your machinist works with a 30, 40, or 50 spindle taper,  The Tool Company has the tool tray to sequence and transport tools.  The size 30 and 40 trays hold 10 tools.  The size 50 taper tray can handle up to 6 tools.

Each tray is made in the USA of durable, high-impact plastic to protect their tools. They will love the built-in handles.They make it easy to carry from the tool settiCNC tool traysng room to machining floor.

Don’t give a gift made in a foreign country.  Support American manufacturing and buy your machinist a CNC tool tray made in America.  Order today for delivery by Christmas.

Did you know that Bridgeport invented the R8 collet? Not only did Bridgeport set the standard for manual milling machines, they lead the CNC revolution.  The R8 collet was considered a major advancement in milling when it first hit the market.

Why R8 Was Special

The R8 collet was a giant leap forward for machining.  Now rapid tool changing was possible. That paved the way for automated tool changing.

But wait, there’s more. R8 collets require an exact match between the collet and the tool shank. The collet is compressed by a drawbar from behind.  They have no separate chuck. They are self releasing. That is why tool changes could be automated.

In addition, if the tool is firmly in the taper you get more rigidity from the end mill. The R8 collet resulted in a set-up that let to better quality work, more efficiently, and always reliably  That was the R8 tool advantage.

R8 Tools Lead the Quick Change Charge

Even today that same Bridgeport design for R8 collets leads the charge for the CNC quick change. The mill and the software are important. But they are nothing without collets for rapid tool-changing. That’s where you maximize productivity.  Just Google or Bing search the term R8 collets and you’ll see  headlines that emphasize speed like:

Click on any page. Surprise! That speed comes with a cost. R8 collets aren’t cheap.  It’s easy for tooling to get as expensive as the mill itself.  If tooling is an investment, you must protect it.  Every trip to and from the tool storage crib is a risk.  If they don’t have a safe crib, they’re in danger in storage too.  That’s why special R8 tool holders are important.

cnc R8 tool holders store and transport toolsR8 Tool Holders Are Protection

R8 tool holders are special trays that safely store and transport your R8 collets.  There are quite a few on the market, but The Tool Company only sells the Sierra American R8 tool holder.  It is the best. Here’s why we think it is great.

It’s strong.  The Sierra American Multi-Systems R8 tool holder is made from sturdy impact-resistant material.  That means light-weight storage without sacrificing strength or stability.

It’s plenty of storage.  The R8 tool holder can accommodate up to 52 collets, including oversized tooling and boring heads.  Enough room for a full set plus emergency back-up supplies.

It’s real quality.  Why trust your expensive tooling to cheap products made in China? Don’t settle for  inferior materials.  The Tool Company only sells products that are American made. Get American made quality! Buy an R8 tool holder that is proudly made in the USA by an American craftsman; just like you.

Don’t get ripped off by cheap imitations that just don’t hold up. Order your R8 tool holder today.

It doesn’t matter what shop Dad works in, there are a few things that every shop has in common.  You’ll find these things all in all CNC shops:

  • Machines
  • Tools
  • Toolholders
  • Machinists

Of course Dad also has other things in the work environment like the actual work material, fluids, and collet wrenches hanging around as well. The most efficient shops also have the tools that help all of these things work together. If you want to help Dad be more organized and more efficient, then give him a CNC tool tray for Father’s Day.


cnc tool tray

CNC Tool Trays for Dads

Different machinists Dads use different machines.  But despite the differences in Dads and the actual CNC machines they use, there are only a couple of different milling machine tapers. That means Dad is most likely using a 30, 40, or 50 machine. For the most part, you find larger tapers on more powerful machines.  As the taper increases; the power increases. Dad might work on an extremely large machine with a 60 taper, but that isn’t common.

A CNC tool tray allows Dad to perform his tool set-up in the tool crib or tool storage area and then transport the tools safely to the machining area.  Dad gets to be efficient and safe.

You might be tempted to get Dad a tool cart, but they are not easy to navigate between equipment. If Dad has a CNC tool tray with handles he can navigate even the tightest spaces in the shop.

Awesome CNC Tool Trays for Awesome Dads

cnc tool tray for 50 taperThe Tool Company sells CNC tool trays for 30, 40, and 50 tapers. They are manufactured from a high impact plastic so Dad’s expensive tools are protected. That will make him smile. And whether he uses Rapid-Switch or NMTB, you’re covered because both will fit.

Dad will be able to locate his tools at a glance because the open design makes each tool visible.  Each position is numbered for easy tool sequencing operation. That’s just another advantage Dad will have when he uses his CNC tool tray!

Show Dad you care about American manufacturing.  Every item sold by The Tool Company is made in the USA.  When Dad retires, that CNC tool tray can his hold shot glasses, golf balls, and billiard balls.

Order Dad’s CNC Tool Tray Today

Shop CNC tool trays and order now for quick delivery. Show Dad you care. Forget the tie; get Dad a gift that he will use day after day. His co-workers will think you are so cool.

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