Why is precision cutting so scary for the hobby machinist? It ranks right up there with fly cutting in the fear factor. Maybe it’s because precision means control and the home machinist isn’t confident in their skill. But, control shouldn’t scare you when you use the right ultra precision saw arbor.

Think of it like this: a precision blade is just a saw that makes small cuts. They cuts may be in wood or  metal. What they have in common is size. They are small. Small cuts demand precision. You must get close to the work area and have rigidity.

How to Make Precision Cuts

Now we’ve defined a precision cut, let’s make some. Here is how:

  • Proper feed and speed rate – When isn’t using the right feed and speed important? That precision saw blade may look like a conventional circular saw blade but it isn’t. It is fragile. Get close, run slow and low.
  •  Use fluid – Be generous with your fluid.
  •  Keep it clean – Remove all chips with each pass
  •  Go one Way – Never “saw” back and forth. Always cut in one direction

How to Pick an Ultra Precision Arbor with Precision

All saw arbors hold the blade in place. But ultra precision cuts require an ultra precision saw arbor. Use the same precision in selecting your arbor as you do in making your cut. Remember, ultra precision cuts require ultra rigidity. The blade must be close to the work piece. A cap holds your standard saw arbor in place. If the work is held by a vise, that cap is a problem. If the clamping screw and vise meet up you’ve got a real problem. Avoid that problem with an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company. The  deep cap that creates a low profile. The blade gets closer to work area than with a conventional arbor.

ultra precision arborThe Tool Company’s Ultra Precision Saw Arbor

This purchase is easy. Just buy your ultra precision saw arbor at The Tool Company. Not only will your saw arbor get close to the work, you’ll get:

  • Excellent vibration absorption
  • Durable weldon shank
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

Every saw arbor we sell is proudly made in the USA. Buy your saw arbor individually or in sets. Don’t let precision cuts scare you. Make ’em with an arbor from The Tool Company.

You can start with the best equipment and the finest blade. But, if you don’t use a high quality saw arbor, the right fluid and the proper feeds and speeds you won’t end up with a quality cut. Quality cuts come from quality saw arbors.

saw arbors hold saw bladesHow Slitting Saw Cuts Differ

The internet is packed with forums for machinists. One of the most common denizens of these forums are those with slitting saw cuts. They complain about broken blades, broken arbors, and tons of destroyed work pieces. If it can go wrong in cutting, it will probably go wrong with a slitting saw cut. But  some times you just need that slender cut from a slitting saw.

Pros. Slitting saws excel when you need a very slender cut. No, they aren’t designed for thick cuts or particularly deep cuts.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut fairly deep. It’s harder to get a thin slot with an end mill than a slitting saw.

Cons. Don’t hurry. Slow speeds are the norm for most slitting saws. This is especially true when the blade is large. Feed speeds are also slow. But that doesn’t mean you can let the blade dwell. Slitting saws demand copious amounts of cutting oil or lubricant. Sometimes it is hard to get fluid to the cutting site if the slit is particularly thin or deep.

Be Generous with Fluid

No matter the material or blade, use generous amounts of lubricant. Slitting saw blades are very thin. They are also incredibly fragile. That’s why they break so easy and confound those forum denizens.

The saw blade has been heat treated to keep it hard and sharp. As the blade cuts, it generates friction. Friction creates heat; and heat destroys the blade treatment and dulls the blade quickly. Chips and/or  work material  fuse to the blade. Now you’ve ruined the work and murdered the blade.

Plenty of cutting oil or lubricant provides a constant cooling. It keeps the blade clear of chips. It is good to be generous with your fluid.

ultra precision arborUse a Quality Saw Arbor

If you have an awesome machine, a spectacular blade, and a truckload of coolant, don’t ruin things with a crap saw arbor.

Many cheap, imported arbors flood the market. With tools, you always get what you pay for. Don’t pay much, don’t get much. Those imported arbors are warped. That’s a real problem for true horizontal cuts.

One internet forum denizen complains his saw was wandering like a drunk sheepherder. The group told him to get with it and get a good arbor. That would be like  a saw arbor from The Tool Company!

slitting saw arbors american madeSlitting Saw Arbors, Precision Arbors, and More

Whether you need an arbor for precision cutting or a quality slitting saw arbor, trust The Tool Company for arbors that are true and designed for CNC applications.

The Tool Company can set you up with slitting saw arbors that fit blades from ¼” to 1 ¼”. Complete with deep, low profile caps to reduce slippage. Forget the drunk sheepherder. Think reliable sheep dog.

Every saw arbor is USA made. No cheap imports that aren’t true. Order your slitting saw arbor today and say good-by to broken blades and ruined work. Hello clean slots.


If you are like most home machinists, two things scare you. Learning to use a fly cutter and trying make precision cuts. Experienced machinists know that precision requires control. Many hobby machinists aren’t confident when it comes to control. But, control isn’t a problem if start with a quality, ultra precision arbor and saw blade.

See, using an ultra precision saw is nothing more just making small, precise cuts. Doesn’t matter what material you are cutting. It could be wood or metal. But small cuts require precision. Precision means you’ve got to get up close and person with the work area.

slitting saw blades require special slitting saw arborHacks for Precision Cuts

Now that you know what makes a precision cut, let’s get sawing. Use these hacks to ace precision cuts:

  • Watch your speeds. It’s better to use less speed when you need precision.  Just because that  blade looks like a  circular saw blade doesn’t mean it cuts like one. So, for precision slits and cuts, get in close and run slow. Keep the feed rate low as well.
  •  Use plenty of lubricant or air to keep the area clean. This isn’t the time to be stingy with lubricant. Flood the workarea if you must.
  •  Make sure to remove all swarf after every pass. It’s important to keep the cut clean.
  •  Make sure you always cut in the same direction.

ultra precision arbor

Use an Ultra Precision Arbor

All saw arbors are supposed to keep the saw blade in place. But ultra precision cutting requires extraordinary rigidity. It also requires you to get the blade as close to the work as possible. Most  saw arbors are held in place with a cap. This cap can be a problem if a vise is holding the workpiece. If the clamping screw runs afoul of the vise the result is disaster. Ruined work.  But the ultra precision arbor sold by The Tool Company solves that problem. It gets a low profile from its deep cap. As a result, you can get the blade closer to the work area than with a standard arbor.

ultra precision arbor

Buy the Best Ultra Precision Arbor

The best ultra precision arbor is found at The Tool Company. This arbor does more than just get you close to the workpiece. Proximity is just the start. Additional benefits are:

  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Durable Weldon shank
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

It’s also homegrown. That’s right. The best ultra precision arbor is made in the USA. Order a set of three ultra precision arbors or just buy an individual arbor. Either way, you’ll cut with precision when you cut with an ultra precision arbor.

Precision machining removes material to a high standard. Most CNC machines have no problems with a tolerance of tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005 MM. Grinding, milling and turning are all just done to ultra high precision. Those tight tolerances don’t leave room for staggering tools. For the ultimate rigidity, you need an ultra precision arbor if you’re going to be ultra precision machining.

Precision Machining for Industry

CNC machines run parts for use in many different industries. Defense, aerospace, medical and electronics industries all need ultra precision machining. Due to their very small size and very stringent requirements, machining parts for these customers is very demanding.  When working with such tight tolerances, there is no room for error. Potential customers want to know that you can manage the job and turn out the parts on time every time. You’ve got to prove that not only does your shop have the machines and training, but you’ve got the tools as well. And when it comes to tools, ultra precision machining requires holding the tool with an ultra precision arbor.

set of saw arborsUltra Precision Arbor for Tight Tolerances

An ultra precision arbor provides the maximum rigidity to remove material precisely. The blade stays on the job, not wandering around the workstock. Whether you are prototyping or in production, the finished piece must match engineered specifications. You can’t get that level of control if you can’t even control your tool. Whether you are machining with high speed steel or carbide, the tool must stay on task. That’s the job of your arbor.

ultra precision arborUltra Precision Arbors from The Tool Company

When you are machining with precision, you’ve got to get as close to the workspace as possible. The Tool Company gets that. Every ultra precision arbor we sell is designed to get your cutter as close to the work area as possible. Deep, low profile caps are our secret weapon. Deploy our secret weapon on your next project and achieve precision you’ve only dreamt of before. The weldon shank and extra long reach out get you up and working and working up close quickly.

Order your ultra precision arbor today and machine with more than precision. Machine with ultra precision.

You want an ultra precision arbor that you can rely upon to hold your saw for precision cutting time and time again. If you are CNC’ing with cobalt enhanced high speed steel or a carbide saw you need an ultra precision arbor that operates with the same precision as your saw.

Benefits of High Speed Steel

CNC’ers have made cobalt enhanced high speed steel the alloy of choice in saw blade metal for years. The most common alloy combines a generous portion of tungsten with cobalt to add strength and wear resistance. This cobalt-enhanced high speed steel (HSS) was developed to make working with stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other difficult metals much easier.

HSS is strong enough to withstand cutting forces making it the choice for applications such as slitting saws, face mills, and gear cutting.

HSS doesn’t cost as much as carbide so it sells for a lower price. It is also an alloy that is easily sharpened.

But HSS isn’t perfect. It is has limitations on the speed at which it can be run. You just can’t run HSS at the high rates you can use with carbide steel. But if tool life is more to the application than speed (like ultra precision cutting) HSS is the go-to alloy.

Benefits of Carbide for Precision Cuts

These days, HSS has been replaced by carbide for most high speed CNC applications. Carbide doesn’t have the strength of HSS but it can cut at a wide range of speeds. Under completely equal conditions, a carbide saw can cut anywhere from 4 to 12 times faster than HSS. So if you have a high speed CNC application, carbide is well suited for the job. It will allow you to operate more productively.

Check out these ideas from Bright Hub Engineering for getting more performance from your HSS tools.

Get Your Ultra Precision Arbor Now

It doesn’t matter if you are cutting with HSS or carbide, if you are cutting with an ultra precision saw; you need an ultra precision arbor. It doesn’t matter the application, from cutting to grinding or sharpening tools if you are doing it with precision, you can’t use an arbor that chatters or slips. Precision requires control. To get control, use an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company.precision arbor

The Tool Company sells individual arbors in sizes that range from ¼” to 1 ¼” inside diameter hole size and sets of ultra precision saw arbors. Each arbor features “Vibra-Core Design”, to absorb cutter vibration. That means you can run at normal depths, feeds, and speeds and maintain your productivity without chatter, slipping, and vibration.

For the closest cutter to work area in any arbor, use an arbor made by Sierra American Multi-Systems and sold at The Tool Company.

set of precision arbors

The Tool Company only sells ultra precision saw arbors that are made in the USA. Each ultra precision saw arbor features Weldon shanks and a full 5 year warranty.

Order online today and get ready to experience the feeling of real control that comes with using an ultra precision saw arbor to hold your saw.



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