Gone are the days when you first started machining. Was your first machine an end mill? Did fly cutters terrify you?  As a seasoned machinist, do you get the most out of your tools? Stretch your mind and skills. Think out of the box. Here’s new slitting saw and slitting saw arbor uses. Maybe one will spark your imagination.

saw arbors hold saw bladesSlice it Off

No, don’t use your slitting saw arbor and blade to remove a finger or other body part. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut a part off and finish it by hand. The result won’t be the same as with a fly cutter, but it is an alternative. On a 3 axis mill, just cut the piece off with a slitting saw. Once removed, finish the underside by hand. This is the perfect solution for machining a very thin part or working on a piece that is particularly hard to hold. Just cut it off and finish it by hand. Hand finishing the piece saves time. If you ruin the work with a machine finish, you’ve got to start over. It wastes time, money, and material.

Cut a Relief Slot

Does your part need a little relief? Don’t let it break. Cut a relief slot and prevent a break.

Relief slots provide just enough give without destroying the integrity of the part.

A relief slot would help here


Cut your relief slot with a slitting saw. Hold the blade firmly in place with a slitting saw arbor and make the slot in just one or two passes. A slitting saw arbor with a deep cap and low profile will get you as close as you need to be.

slitting saw arbor set

Selecting a Slitting Saw and Slitting Saw Arbor

Because slitting saws are thin and run fast, they get hot fast too. Select a carbide blade  if the budget allows. While steel is less expensive, carbide lasts longer.

No matter the blade material, use copious amounts of fluid. Did you know that slitting saws run hot? Of course you do, we just told you! A flood of coolant lets you cut long and cut fast.

Picking the slitting saw arbor is easy. Just buy one at The Tool Company. Their deep, low profile caps  get your blade close. The “Vibra Core” design absorbs vibration. Anytime you reduce vibration you reduce runout.

The slitting saw arbor made in America for American machinists. Just like everything at The Tool Company. Buy yours today and start looking at the slitting saw differently. It’s one of the most versatile and underused tools in your box.



Why is precision cutting so scary for the hobby machinist? It ranks right up there with fly cutting in the fear factor. Maybe it’s because precision means control and the home machinist isn’t confident in their skill. But, control shouldn’t scare you when you use the right ultra precision saw arbor.

Think of it like this: a precision blade is just a saw that makes small cuts. They cuts may be in wood or  metal. What they have in common is size. They are small. Small cuts demand precision. You must get close to the work area and have rigidity.

How to Make Precision Cuts

Now we’ve defined a precision cut, let’s make some. Here is how:

  • Proper feed and speed rate – When isn’t using the right feed and speed important? That precision saw blade may look like a conventional circular saw blade but it isn’t. It is fragile. Get close, run slow and low.
  •  Use fluid – Be generous with your fluid.
  •  Keep it clean – Remove all chips with each pass
  •  Go one Way – Never “saw” back and forth. Always cut in one direction

How to Pick an Ultra Precision Arbor with Precision

All saw arbors hold the blade in place. But ultra precision cuts require an ultra precision saw arbor. Use the same precision in selecting your arbor as you do in making your cut. Remember, ultra precision cuts require ultra rigidity. The blade must be close to the work piece. A cap holds your standard saw arbor in place. If the work is held by a vise, that cap is a problem. If the clamping screw and vise meet up you’ve got a real problem. Avoid that problem with an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company. The  deep cap that creates a low profile. The blade gets closer to work area than with a conventional arbor.

ultra precision arborThe Tool Company’s Ultra Precision Saw Arbor

This purchase is easy. Just buy your ultra precision saw arbor at The Tool Company. Not only will your saw arbor get close to the work, you’ll get:

  • Excellent vibration absorption
  • Durable weldon shank
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

Every saw arbor we sell is proudly made in the USA. Buy your saw arbor individually or in sets. Don’t let precision cuts scare you. Make ’em with an arbor from The Tool Company.

You can start with the best equipment and the finest blade. But, if you don’t use a high quality saw arbor, the right fluid and the proper feeds and speeds you won’t end up with a quality cut. Quality cuts come from quality saw arbors.

saw arbors hold saw bladesHow Slitting Saw Cuts Differ

The internet is packed with forums for machinists. One of the most common denizens of these forums are those with slitting saw cuts. They complain about broken blades, broken arbors, and tons of destroyed work pieces. If it can go wrong in cutting, it will probably go wrong with a slitting saw cut. But  some times you just need that slender cut from a slitting saw.

Pros. Slitting saws excel when you need a very slender cut. No, they aren’t designed for thick cuts or particularly deep cuts.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut fairly deep. It’s harder to get a thin slot with an end mill than a slitting saw.

Cons. Don’t hurry. Slow speeds are the norm for most slitting saws. This is especially true when the blade is large. Feed speeds are also slow. But that doesn’t mean you can let the blade dwell. Slitting saws demand copious amounts of cutting oil or lubricant. Sometimes it is hard to get fluid to the cutting site if the slit is particularly thin or deep.

Be Generous with Fluid

No matter the material or blade, use generous amounts of lubricant. Slitting saw blades are very thin. They are also incredibly fragile. That’s why they break so easy and confound those forum denizens.

The saw blade has been heat treated to keep it hard and sharp. As the blade cuts, it generates friction. Friction creates heat; and heat destroys the blade treatment and dulls the blade quickly. Chips and/or  work material  fuse to the blade. Now you’ve ruined the work and murdered the blade.

Plenty of cutting oil or lubricant provides a constant cooling. It keeps the blade clear of chips. It is good to be generous with your fluid.

ultra precision arborUse a Quality Saw Arbor

If you have an awesome machine, a spectacular blade, and a truckload of coolant, don’t ruin things with a crap saw arbor.

Many cheap, imported arbors flood the market. With tools, you always get what you pay for. Don’t pay much, don’t get much. Those imported arbors are warped. That’s a real problem for true horizontal cuts.

One internet forum denizen complains his saw was wandering like a drunk sheepherder. The group told him to get with it and get a good arbor. That would be like  a saw arbor from The Tool Company!

slitting saw arbors american madeSlitting Saw Arbors, Precision Arbors, and More

Whether you need an arbor for precision cutting or a quality slitting saw arbor, trust The Tool Company for arbors that are true and designed for CNC applications.

The Tool Company can set you up with slitting saw arbors that fit blades from ¼” to 1 ¼”. Complete with deep, low profile caps to reduce slippage. Forget the drunk sheepherder. Think reliable sheep dog.

Every saw arbor is USA made. No cheap imports that aren’t true. Order your slitting saw arbor today and say good-by to broken blades and ruined work. Hello clean slots.


Did you start machining with an end mill? Did fly cutters terrify you? It’s okay, that’s where most machinists start. But if you’ve been working for awhile, those days are long gone. That doesn’t mean you get the most out of your tools. Take a minute to look at some jobs differently.  Grab your slitting saw arbor, load your blade, and open your eyes.

Use Your Hands

There’s nothing wrong with a hand job. No, not that hand job. We’re talking about cutting a part off and then finishing it by hand. The hand finish quality isn’t equal to a fly cutter, but it is an alternative. On  a 3 axis mill, just use your slitting saw and lop the piece off. Now you can finish the underside by hand. This is the perfect answer if you are machining a very thin part or working on a piece that is particularly hard to hold. Just cut it off and give it a hand finish. Believe it or not, you’ll save time by hand finishing the piece. That’s because if you ruin the part trying to machine finish it you’ve got to begin again. That wastes time, money, and material. Don’t waste.

Use Slots for Relief

We all need a little relief from time to time. That includes your parts. No, your parts don’t need to take a break, they need a relief slot to stop breakage.

A relief slot provides a part just enough give to clamp tightly without destroying part integrity.

The slitting saw is the superior tool for cutting a relief slot. With the saw blade tightly held in place with a good slitting saw arbor, make a relief slot in one or two passes. A good slitting saw arbor has a deep cap and low profile to get the blade as close as you want it to be.

slitting saw arbor setPick a Good Slitting Saw and Slitting Saw Arbor

Because slitting saws are thin and run fast, they heat up very fast. Buy a blade made from carbide if your budget can handle it. Steel costs less, but it doesn’t have the staying power of carbide.

Regardless of the blade metal, always run with copious coolant. Remember, slitting saw blades run hot. Fluid will let you make long cuts and fast cuts without warping.

Selecting a slitting saw arbor is simple. Just buy your slitting saw arbor from The Tool Company. Their deep, low profile caps get the cutter close. A”Vibra Core” design absorbs vibration. Less vibration means less runout.

Made in American for American machinists. Buy a slitting saw arbor today. And start looking that your slitting saw blade a bit different. Make it one of the most valuable tools in your cutter arsenal.


Do you remember when you started machining? Bet you started with an end mill and fly cutters scared you to death. By now, you’ve got that all behind you. But, as you gained experience, did you learn how to get the most out of what you have in the shop? For 2019, why not grab that slitting saw arbor and blade and start to look at them differently.

CNC flycutters give mirror like finish

Hand Finish

Here’s a novel idea. Cut a part off and hand finish it. While a hand finish isn’t the equal to the finish from a fly cutter, it is an alternative. So, on your  3 axis mill, take your slitting saw and cut the piece off. Now, it’s much easier to get to the underside. So, finish it by hand. This is a great alternative if you find yourself machining a very thin part or working on a piece that seems impossible to hold. Just cut it off and hand finish it. You’ll discover that you save time by hand finishing the piece. That’s because if you keep destroying the part by machine finishing it you just waste time. Every time to start from the beginning is a waste of time, money and material. Cut waste in 2019.

Add Relief

Resolve to give your parts a bit of relief in 2019. That doesn’t mean they need time off. But it does mean that if you don’t want them to break, you must give them a break in the form of a relief slot.

A relief slot provides just enough give to clamp around tightly and not destroy the integrity of the part.

Just use your slitting saw. It is the perfect tool for creating that relief slot.  The slitting saw arbor holds the blade firmly in place and in just a couple of passes you’ll have that slot.  Be sure to pick a slitting saw arbor with a deep cap and low profile to get you as close as possible.

slitting saw arbor set

2019’s  Slitting Saw Arbor and Blade

Slitting saw blade are thin and they run fast. As a result, they heat up quickly. Use a carbide blade if you’ve got the money. Consider that the steel blade costs less upfront but it will be replaced frequently. Steel just doesn’t last like carbide.

Whether you use high speed steel or carbide, be sure to use lots of fluid. Because those slitting saw blades run so hot, coolant keeps you cutting long and cutting fast.

For 2019, the slitting saw arbor to use is the one sold by The Tool Company . Buy this arbor and get the deep, low profile cap you need to get your slitting saw blade close. You’ll experience less runout because the “Vibra Core” design absorbs vibration.

In 2019, buy the slitting saw arbor that is made in America for use by American machinists. Buy your slitting saw arbor now and in 2019 look at the slitting saw a bit differently. Make it your most valuable and underused tools in your box.

Ready to grow? You should be. Grab your slitting and slotting saw and your slitting saw arbor and get working. The American manufacturing outlook is bright this year so you better grab sunglasses with your safety glasses.

growth in GDP is good news for manufacturing

GDP is Growing

Growth in GDP

The overall gross domestic product was initially expected to increase 2.5% in 2018.  But with 6 months of growth under our collective belt, turns out GDP should grow 2.9% this year. That makes 3 years of consecutive growth. That’s even better than 2016.  It could be higher, if the stock market is any indication. We are just days away from a record for number of days a bull market.

What this means for Manufacturing

Here is better news. Manufacturing should rise almost as much as GDP. This is the time to get your tools (know where you put your slitting saw blade and slitting saw arbor) and get to work. U.S. manufacturing is forecast to  grow 2.8% this year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting job growth too. 20.5 million new jobs before 2020. Consumer spending and business investment are up too. That’s good news for manufacturing, too. There will be more health care spending. More spending in health care requires more medical supplies. In the US, mills and lathes are busy. Grab your accufeed to drill those small holes and your slitting saw blade and slitting saw arbor to make tiny cuts. Healthcare isn’t the only industry that needs you!

There will be an additional 2.1 million jobs in technology. If you can design and convert to G-code you are in high demand.

ultra precision arbor for machining for aerospace industry

Growth in Defense and Aerospace Industries

You don’t need alien technology or work experience at Area 51 to get in on aerospace. Globally, aerospace and defense are expected to grow 4.1%. After their recent decline, this growth is welcome. There’s a backlog of civilian plane orders to clear. That’s going to require parts. Who is going to machine the parts? Let’s machine them in the U.S. The United States makes up half of aerospace global production. That’s a lot of work for machinists and machine shops. Are you ready?

Grow through Quality

It’s no secret, some of the most successful machine shops grow because they have a reputation for quality. If you’re going to machine for aerospace, defense, medical or other high-tech industries, you need precision and a commitment to perfection.

slitting saw arbor set

Slitting saw arbor set

That type of quality requires the right equipment, the right machinist, and the right tools. Get quality tools at The Tool Company. Every slitting saw arbor, accufeed, kneestop, and general reach arbor we sell is made in the USA. We back them with a 5 year warranty. We’re ready to do our part to bring back the proud tradition of American manufacturing. Are you ready? Buy your slitting saw blade and slitting saw arbor and get to work!


Slitting and precision cutting is scarier than a witch at Halloween.  Thankfully, the job is easier for CNC machinists. We use software to do the calculating. Manual machinists don’t have it that easy.  However, both CNC’ers and manual machinists know that G-wizard software can’t hold your saw blade. It can’t get you as close to the work area as possible.  You must use an ultra precision arbor for that job.

The Precision Cut Horror Story

Precision cutting is like walking into the dark basement in a horror flick. Things may turn out okay or there could be a massacre. Do you machine for  microelectronics?  What good is 0.01 mm position accuracy if your blade wanders like the Mummy, just arisen from the dead?  If you do work for medical or dental applications, it doesn’t do any good to have equipment that slays harmonic resonance like a silver bullet to a werewolf, if you can’t get the cutter close to the work area.

Precision cuts require precision set-up, proper fluid, the right blade, and a precision arbor. Get just one  wrong and you sacrifice precision like a babysitter in a slasher flick.  A thin kerf blade can’t last without the precision combo of fluid, feeds and speeds.  Everything comes together just right.

The Tool Company knows more about ultra precision arbors than horror movies. We can’t help with the blade, but we can make sure that your blade is held with rigidity and is up close  to the work area. We sell the ultra precision arbor to complement your ultra precision blade.

The Least Scary Ultra Precision Arbor Ever

Don’t be afraid of our ultra precision arbor. It was designed to reduce vibration from the ground up.  The unique Vibra-Core design absorbs vibration through the arbor.  When you reduce vibration, good things happen. Like finding the cure to the zombie-causing virus.

ultra precision arbor

CNC applications use high speed carbide or cobalt saws.  Unfortunately, not all arbors play well with high speed applications.  Our ultra precision arbor is ready to do the job. It is heat-treated for strength and integrity.

The extra long reach simply out performs all other ultra precision arbors. Period.  The more accurately your tool is held in the spindle, the longer it will last. Hurray!

Get the Best at The Tool Company

You deserve more than horror movie cliches. You deserve the best ultra precision arbor made. So, stop messing around and buy one today.  Each item we sell is proudly made in the USA.  No gremlin-infested, inferior foreign-made products here.

Support American manufacturing and buy your ultra precision arbor from  The Tool Company today or we’ll haunt you with more bad Halloween references.

Happy Halloween from The Tool Company

2017 is the year for you to operate your shop as smoothly a fly cutter finish. Here’s some New Year’s resolutions from your friends at The Tool Company, the experts in CNC fly cutters, slitting saws, and the operating an efficient shop.

software code

Use Software

It all starts with drawing with a CAD program and then a CAM program converts the design into G-code.  That’s the software you use to calculate feeds and speeds.  But your software can do much more than just feeds and speeds. But you must ask it.  Explore the power of your CAM software and harness it it fully.  You may find that you can use your CAM to increase efficiency.

Use it to:

  • calculate depth of cut
  • save tooling information
  • reduce air cuts
  • enhance toolpaths

Let your software calculate hundreds of scenarios. Start using software to automate all manual calculations you make. Software will make your job easier and your tools will last longer. Its a win-win situation.

courtesy Stuart Miles

courtesy Stuart Miles

Organize, Organize, Organize

Your tools may last longer and work more efficiently but it won’t do any good if you waste time looking for them. Even worse, how about setting up only to find out that the tool you need for the job isn’t even in the shop inventory.  How can you operate as smooth as  CNC fly cutters if you can’t find your fly cutter? So start the year with an accurate tool inventory, keep the inventory current, and make sure tools are returned to the proper place at the end of the job.

Tool trays and collet racks  are made for keeping your tools and collets organized. They provide safe  transport from tool area to machine area. The Tool Company sells CNC tool trays that are numbered to get you even more organized. Just set up the tray in sequence and you are ready to cut, drill, or slice away. Don’t waste 20 minutes looking for the tool you need to do a 15 minute job.

Hang Up the Phone

Want to turbocharge your productivity?  Keep your cell phone in the glove box or your locker. Smart phones make for dumb machinists.

You can’t operate efficiently when you are distracted and cell phones are the greatest distraction in the workplace.

r8 tool holder

Buy American

Nothing supports American manufacturing like Americans buying American made products. You manufacture in the US, so it makes sense to supply your shop with American-made products. If you haven’t already done so, make 2017 the year you commit to buy American.

slitting saw arbors from The Tool Company

Every product sold by The Tool Company is proudly made in the USA.  Whether you need CNC fly cutters, saw arbors, micro drill adapters, knee stops, collet wrenches, or trays if you buy from The Tool Company you buy American made.




These days, CNC machines are built with powerful motors and are used in a wide variety of applications. It doesn’t matter if the job is making shafts and gears for cars and trucks, cutting threads, or micro-cutting aluminum electronics enclosures you need precision. Precision cutting calls for saws held with a precision saw arbor.

 High Speed Saw Materialsultra precision arbor

Carbide and cobalt are the most common materials for high-speed CNC saws. The addition of cobalt to high speed steel results in a saw that has more strength and higher wear resistance. Over time, carbide has gradually replaced high speed steel.  High speed steel is still a popular material for drilling,but nothing beats carbide saws for speed. Depending on the application, carbide can cut 4 to 12 times faster than cobalt-enhanced high speed steel.

It doesn’t matter if you use carbide or cobalt, you get a cut that is almost burr-free. This saves time since further machining isn’t necessary.  Take an ultra high speed saw and combine it with precision CNC control and you get game changing high speed ultra precision cutting.

Saw Arbors for Precision Saws

set of ultra precision arobrPrecision is defined as the condition of being exact or accurate. You are only using precision saws when the cuts must be perfectly controlled. So why would you use a saw arbor that doesn’t contribute to your need for precision? The Tool Company understands your need for precision. That’s why they have developed an entire line of saw arbors for ultra precision saws.

  • Deep, low profile cap design allows for the closest cutter to work area on the market
  • Extra support and less cutter slippage means more precision
  • Cutter vibration is absorbed via our special Vibra-Core design
  • Extra long reach
  • Weldon shank

Quality Saw Arbors – Made Right – Made Right Here

Don’t trust your precision work to inferior arbors that chatter and slip. Only trust quality tools that are made right; and made right here in the USA. Every ultra precision arbor sold by The Tool Company is made by Sierra American Multi Systems.  We trust Sierra American because we know it is the best.  We compared.  These arbors are

Made in the USA

Come with a 5 year warranty

Available in 6 standard sizes and 2 sets.

You deserve the best.  Order your ultra precision arbor today.


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