Every ultra precision saw arbor sold at The Tool Company holds your blade for precision cutting use after use. It doesn’t matter if your CNC application calls for a high speed steel blade or a carbide saw, you need saw arbors as precise as your saw.

saw arbors hold saw bladesThe Cobalt Enhanced High Speed Steel Option

Cobalt enhanced high speed steel is the alloy of choice for CNC saws and has been for ages. Alloys are mixtures of metal and the most common HSS mixture includes a generous helping of tungsten and with cobalt added for strength and resistance to wear. Cobalt-enhanced HSS makes working with titanium alloys, stainless steel, and other metals easier.

Because HSS is strong, it is perfect for  face mills, slitting saws, and gear cutting.

HSS costs less than carbide and is easier to sharpen to boot.

HSS does have a downside. That is the limitation on speed. HSS can’t run as fast as carbide steel. But, if tool life trumps speed (like in ultra precision cutting) HSS comes out on top.

The Carbide Option for Precision Cutting

In high speed CNC applications, carbide has replaced high speed steel. Carbide may not be as strong as HSS, but it cuts with a greater speed range.

A carbide saw can cut 4 to 12 times faster than HSS. That’s why carbide is well-suited for high speed CNC applications.

If carbide is out of the budget or you need the durability of HSS, then check out how to get more performance from your HSS tools.

Why Use Our Ultra Precision Saw Arbors

precision saw arborsNo matter the saw blade material, if you are using an ultra precision saw, you need an ultra precision saw arbor. This is true no matter the application. From  cutting, grinding, or sharpening tools, if you need  precision, you can’t settle for an arbor that chatters or slips. Precision requires control. Control requires an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company.

With a variety of sizes, The Tool Company has the diameter you need in the ultra precision saw arbor you will love. The unique “Vibra-Core Design”, results in a saw arbor that actually absorbs cutter vibration. So you can run at normal depths, feeds, and speeds and maintain productivity without chatter, slipping, or vibration.

You also get the closest cutter to work area on the market when you buy your precision arbor at The Tool Company.  Our saw arbors are all made in the USA, feature Weldon shanks, and are covered by a full 5 year warranty.


Do you machine with precision or do you machine with ultra precision? Know the difference?  Ultra precision machining removes material to an ultra-high standard at a tolerance of tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005 MM. You can grind, turn, and mill at ultra high precision tolerances.  But, to maintain those tight tolerances you can’t tolerate staggering tools. Ultra precision machining demands ultra rigidity. You need an ultra precision arbor to get that required ultimate rigidity.

Ultra Precision Machining for Different Industries

Manual and CNC machinists serve many different industries. Parts for defense, dental/medical, aerospace, and high tech industries require machining with ultra precision and tight tolerances. It’s not easy to produce these very small parts. Think of them as tiny in size and huge in requirements. But, the pay-off is tremendous. This is definitely a money-making niche.

Are you up to the challenge? If so, customers are waiting. See, there’s no room for mistakes when you have tight specifications. But if you can handle tight tolerances and produce parts on schedule you’ve got a ready-made market. Just prove your shop is up to the job.  Assure them you have the machines, training, and tools to get it done. That means using ultra precision tools held with with an ultra precision arbor.

ultra precision saw arborUse an Ultra Precision Arbor for Tight Tolerances

Precision machining means removing material precisely. That takes a cutter held by an ultra precision arbor for maximum rigidity. Rigidity is required if you want to keep the cutter on the work instead of staggering around the stock. It doesn’t matter if you are protoGold Series ultra precision arbor settyping or producing the finished product, the finished piece must match the job specifications. You must control the cutter at all times. Keep the cutter on the job with an arbor. Keep cutting with ultra precision with an ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company.

The Tool Company sells tools made in the USA with ultra precision. You need rigidity, we’ve got it. If you want tight tolerances, don’t tolerate anything less than The Tool Company quality. Order today.

The Tool Company is just full of good news. Your favorite seller of the ultra precision arbor and fly cutter is stoked to share some good news for metalworkers. The Gardner Business Index for Metalworking has been decreasing in durable goods capacity utilization.

courtesy Stuart Miles

So What?

Why do you care? Because its incredible news for metalworkers. So, you better grab your tool tray, your collet wrench and your ultra precision arbor and get to work.

Because the backlog index is accelerating, durable goods capacity utilization should shift from contraction to expansion. After 22 months of contraction, that’s good news too.

Remember,  the backlog index is a growth leading indicator.  And, it’s a reliable leading indicator to boot. Finally, contraction is ready to shift to growth.

It’s time to work.

Potential for Growth in Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average job growth rate. They predict growth of 17% to 2024. This includes jobs for metal and plastic workers. For toolmakers, the news is even better. How does a job growth rate of about 6% sound to you? Toolmakers are getting close to retirement and few workers are entering the field. This is one job with tremendous potential for growth.

Millwrights have an even brighter future. Their predicted job growth rate  is 14%.

So, CNC workers have lots of good news to cheer about. When the manufacture of durable goods grows the number of jobs grows too.  It doesn’t matter if you make goods or make parts, you’re going to have plenty to do. So, get your tools ready!

Get Your Ultra Precision Arbor and Get Ready!

Gold Series ultra precision arbor set

Gold Series Ultra Precision Arbor Box Set

Get ready to go to work with American-made tools. The Tool Company believes in American manufacturing. We only sell products made in the USA.

We back what we sell with a 5 year warranty. Our ultra precision arbor incorporates Vibra-Core technology. This reduces chatter. Only our accufeed brings finger-tip control to your press.

Why settle for cheap imitations made in foreign countries? Just buy the best from The Tool Company. Then get to work! The future is bright for metalworkers, millwrights, and all machinists.

Ever get the feeling your shop is possessed? Are strange things happening in there?  Maybe you’ve just been away for awhile. Even dedicated hobbyists can get a bit rusty when life comes between them and their hobby. Maybe all you need is a quick refresher on some tools and techniques. Ready? Let’s begin with definitions. Slotting and slitting saws blades have a specialized purpose. These tools make deep and narrow cuts. Use a slotting saw to slice material from stock. Slitting saw arbors are the tool holders that keep the slitting saw blade on the spindle. Slitting saws and slotting saws do a better job than endmills when it comes to cuts that are deeper than wide. See, isn’t it all coming back to you? Nothing to be afraid of here.

Always  Buy the Right Blades

Don’t buy garbage because it is cheap. You will only lose money over the long haul. Always start with the number of teeth on a blade. Go with a high tooth count to get a clean, finished cut.

Always choose the right blade material for the job you are doing. Slitting saw blades are usually made from carbide or high speed steel.

Next, go with the thickest saw blade the operation can handle. Thicker blades mean more stability. Stability means rigidity. You want rigidity in all times and places.

Now, select the right blade size. Most slitting saws have a 3” to 4” in diameter. If you go big, you will go home with run out, wobbling, and staggering. All bad things.

Use Proper Feeds and Speeds

Feeds and speeds are always important. But, working with a slitting saw is literally a make or break operation. Get it wrong and trash the blade. All cuts are precise, but slitting cuts are extra, super precise. Pick software that handles slotting and slitting saw cuts. The wrong feed and speed setting will destroy your slitting blade faster than Godzilla destroyed Tokyo.

One Pass or Two?

There are two techniques for making deep cuts. With one approach, you make a series of multiple cuts.  Start shallow and then cut progressively deeper. Another way is to dig in and make the full cut in one single pass.  The single pass method avoids the problem of chips that don’t clear and then foul the blade on the next passes. But, if you just program the right feeds and speeds and use plenty of fluids, this shouldn’t be a problem. Seasoned machinists use a series of cuts.

slitting saw arborsAlways Use Quality Slitting Saw Arbors

Your saw blade deserves the best slitting saw arbors. If you used care in picking your blade, use care in picking the arbor. You will never go wrong if you buy slitting saw arbors at  The  Tool Company. These slitting arbors are heat treated. That prevents vibration.  Deep, low-profile caps add rigidity. You get less blade slippage. They sell individual slitting saw arbors and multi-size sets.  Every tool sold sold by the Tool Company is made in the USA. All slitting saw arbors have  a full 5 year warranty. Buy your slitting saw arbors today


Milling machines have evolved. Today’s machines have more power and bring more precision to the trade.  The need for precision gave birth to ever more sophisticated machinery. CNC mills make ultra precision cuts that weren’t possible with manual mills. This ultra precision machining requires ultra precision arbors. Good news for American machinists. The Tool Company has American-made arbors  from Sierra American Multi-Systems that give you ultra precision for ultra precision cuts.

ultra precision arbor for machining for aerospace industry

Feel the Need for Speed?

Maverick and Goose might have felt the need for speed in Top Gun, but today’s machinists need speed and precision. The “Danger Zone” is failing to deliver parts at the rate your customer needs. And, it doesn’t matter if you do rapid prototyping, small runs, or large runs. The customer’s needs are your needs. Those customers demand quick turnaround and they want tight tolerances. Your mission is to deliver. And deliver you do, ultra fast, ultra precision and on-time. From precision, micro-machining to industrial engraving you must have reliable tools and parts.  The Tool Company can help.

American Made Arbors for American Machinists

The Tool Company sells high quality cutting tool holders and shop supplies made right here in the USA.  Every ultra precision saw arbor we sell is made in San Juan Capistrano. Get tools made with the same care and attention to detail you use in your own shop.

The arbor product line starts with long reach, general purposes arbors. These arbors are famous for getting you as close as possible. Our gold series of ultra precision arbors really stands out. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting, grinding or sharpening, your tool is secure.

set of ultra precision arbors

Ultra Precision Arbors for Carbide and Cobalt High Speed Saws

This gold series of ultra precision arbors features deep, low profile caps. Your blades get the benefit of extra support. You get the benefit of  less cutter slippage.

Need precision to get close?  This unique cap design gives a machinist the closest cutter to the work area possible.  You  get closer than with any other saw arbor on the market. Talk about a gold standard in ultra precision arbors!

So, buy an ultra precision arbor made in the USA. Make sure your arbors come from The Tool Company.

Don’t get ripped off by cheap, foreign imitators. Buy from The Tool Company.  We believe that American machinists do the best work and deserve the best quality tools and supplies. See the difference ultra precision arbors make. Order your ultra precision arbor today.


Precision machining removes material to a high standard. Most CNC machines have no problems with a tolerance of tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005 MM. Grinding, milling and turning are all just done to ultra high precision. Those tight tolerances don’t leave room for staggering tools. For the ultimate rigidity, you need an ultra precision arbor if you’re going to be ultra precision machining.

Precision Machining for Industry

CNC machines run parts for use in many different industries. Defense, aerospace, medical and electronics industries all need ultra precision machining. Due to their very small size and very stringent requirements, machining parts for these customers is very demanding.  When working with such tight tolerances, there is no room for error. Potential customers want to know that you can manage the job and turn out the parts on time every time. You’ve got to prove that not only does your shop have the machines and training, but you’ve got the tools as well. And when it comes to tools, ultra precision machining requires holding the tool with an ultra precision arbor.

set of saw arborsUltra Precision Arbor for Tight Tolerances

An ultra precision arbor provides the maximum rigidity to remove material precisely. The blade stays on the job, not wandering around the workstock. Whether you are prototyping or in production, the finished piece must match engineered specifications. You can’t get that level of control if you can’t even control your tool. Whether you are machining with high speed steel or carbide, the tool must stay on task. That’s the job of your arbor.

ultra precision arborUltra Precision Arbors from The Tool Company

When you are machining with precision, you’ve got to get as close to the workspace as possible. The Tool Company gets that. Every ultra precision arbor we sell is designed to get your cutter as close to the work area as possible. Deep, low profile caps are our secret weapon. Deploy our secret weapon on your next project and achieve precision you’ve only dreamt of before. The weldon shank and extra long reach out get you up and working and working up close quickly.

Order your ultra precision arbor today and machine with more than precision. Machine with ultra precision.

High precision machining works within almost immeasurable tolerances. We’re talking single-digit micron range.  That’s ten-thousandths of an inch or 0.0001in. Talk about pretty serious precision! If you are serious about precision, you are serious about the tools and tool holders you use. An ultra precision arbor shares your desire to get it right on an ultra-small scale.

Industrial applications

Ultra precision machining has many industrial applications.

Aerultra precision arbor for machining for aerospace industryospace and defense manufacturing work requires exotic alloys and tight tolerances. If you work in these industries  you know you need more than precision.  You need ultra precision.

Medical products and devices are made from aluminum, steel, and titanium. These materials require ultra precision machining. Tolerances are tight when lives are on the line.

Telecommunications, electronics, and the alternative energy niches require parts that can only be produced with high precision machining.

These are just a few places where you find precision machining. It reaches into almost every industry. These days if an object contains parts it requires precision machining.  If you machine for almost any industry or machine parts, you’ve got to be ready.  Add a secret weapon to your arsenal.  Get an ultra precision arbor for high precision machining.

Ultra precision arbor for the ultimate control

Mount your machine on a base of solid granite for control. That’s a good idea. But if your arbor staggers like a drunken sailor you won’t have precision control. Be up for the demands of the job.  Get  control.  Get a secret weapon.

ultra precision arbors

Ultra Precision Arbors

That weapon is an ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company.  That’s your source for quality tools for CNC applications.

All ultra precision arbors at The Tool Company have a Vibra-Core design. It’s a design that allows the cutter vibration to be absorbed by the arbor, not magnified by the tool. The extra deep, low profile caps get you closer to the work area than any other saw arbor. That uber precision means ultra control.

These ultra precision arbors are just perfect for carbide and cobalt saws.  It doesn’t matter if  you are working in stainless steel or copper, this ultra precision arbor will hold your blade tight.  As if that’s not enough, it’s great for tool sharpening too!

The secret code is 6 and 5

The key numbers to unlock the secret weapon are 6 and 5.

The ultra precision arbor is made in 6 different sizes.  They go from ¼” up to 1 ¼”.  You can get an individual arbor or a complete set of 3. Always have the size you need on hand.

The other key number is 5.  The ultra precision arbor is backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.  These arbors are made in the USA by Sierra American Multi-Systems.  So put that arbor to work. It’s guaranteed to perform for 5 years.  You don’t see that very often.

Get the best

Make sure you get the best. Get your tools from The Tool Company. Everything we sell is American-made to be American strong.  Don’t get an arbor that will let you down. Get ultra precision with an ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company. Order your ultra precision arbor today.


Every machinist must deal with chatter. Manual machinists deal with chatter. CNC’ers deal with chatter too. It really doesn’t matter the source of the chatter. Whether it is chatter is from the tool or chatter from the work, how you deal with chatter is what matters. By the way, this isn’t the chatter during smoke breaks or the banter in the lunch room. This is the resonance caused when either the tool or the piece  vibrates. Don’t be so quick to blame the tool, the workpiece, or the machinist. Blame physics. Chatter is physics in action. You get chatter at all speeds and with all materials. It’s a bigger problem the faster you machine. A good machinist knows that chatter must be vanquished.

Workpiece Chatter

You get workpiece chatter when the wall of your work starts to vibrate. Minimize this by maintaining as much rigidity as possible in workpiece for as long as possible.

Remove less material in each pass and make more passes.  The CNC Cookbook recommends upping rigidity by adding a material that is easily removed once the work is done.  They go as far as recommending a mixture of petroleum jelly and lead shot! Additive manufacturing to achieve subtractive manufacturing. What a concept!

Workpiece chatter is more of a problem when you literally cut corners. The geometry of the engagement increases the number of teeth in the cut. This increases the cutting forces and causes chatter.  Use a larger initial radius to make the first cut, and then remove the remaining stock in another pass.

Machine Chatter

The machine is the home sweet home of chatter.  The machine, the tool holder, and the tool are all sources of chatter problems. These parts want to naturally vibrate.  Don’t let chatter limit your machining. Your only limits should be the limits of your machine, your tool, and your material.  Here’s some things to keep in mind in reducing chatter.

Speed.  Instinct makes you want to go slower.  Fight that urge. Speeding up might be the right.  If chatter starts, speed up. That sweet spot is probably higher; not lower.  Create a Stability Lobe Diagram to help. Get help from companies that specialize in analyzing your tooling equipment and creating the diagram for you.

slitting saw arbors

 Use the Right Saw Arbors

Invest in saw arbors that were built from the ground up to minimize chatter.  You know CNC. So you know chatter is natural. Your job is to find ways to reduce it.  The Tool Company knows a thing or two hundred about CNC too.  We only carry saw arbors made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. They  invested serious R&D in Vibra-Core technology to reduce cutter vibration.

Vibra-Core is a special heat-treating process. It gives you rigidity and extra support for your cutter.  Every saw arbor made by Sierra American and sold by The Tool Company incorporates Vibra-Core in the design.

Like everything we sell, these quality saw arbors are made in the USA and are backed by a 5 year warranty.

Stop chatter before it starts. Order your saw arbor today.


Happy Father’s Day from The Tool Company!  We love Dads; we love machinists and we know Dads that are machinists love our saw arbors.  They are fabulous any day of the year. But on Father’s Day, they also  make a fabulous gift.  Treat the machinist in your life with one this Father’s Day.

General Purpose Saw Arbors

Dad’s like our high quality general purpose slitting saw arbors and slotting saw arbors.  They like the fact that they are hardened all over. That gives Dad an added measure of toughness on the shank. And you know Dad wants to be tough on the shank.  Speaking of saw arbor shanks, the shanks of  all general purpose arbors have been ground to within .001 TIR of cutter location.

The super low profile on the caps means Dad gets his cutter in places he just can’t go with a conventional saw arbor.  Some time ask Dad where his cutter has been lately. You might be surprised.

set of saw arborsThat extra stout plug equals extra support.  Extra support equals less vibration.  Less vibration means more control.  Machining is all about control. Just ask Dad how he feels about vibration on the job.

Ultra Precision Saw Arbors

Sometimes Dad’s gotta get precise.  That’s when he needs an ultra precision saw arbor.  The Tool Company sells ultra precision saw arbors made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. These saw arbors are ideal for tool sharpening, cutting, and grinding applications.  They are ready to help Dad with  high-speed CNC applications that use carbide or high speed cobalt saws.

Ultra precision saw arbors have an extra long reach. Like general purpose saw arbors, they have a super low profile cap. Dad gets his cutter as close as possible to his work area. Dad already knows that this saw arbor outperforms all other arbors. That’s cause Dad is smart.ultra precision saw arborsThese ultra precision arbors are the gold standard.  Get Dad an individual saw arbor or get him a set. Heck he’s a great man, get him two!

All Saw Arbors Made in the USA

Every saw arbor we sell is made right here in the USA.  When you buy Dad a saw arbor from The Tool Company you support American manufacturing. That’s the same manufacturing that keeps Dad busy.

The Tool Company is doing our part to keep our country in the business of manufacturing, by supplying the highest quality CNC tools and supplies available.

Your Dad is best.  He deserves the best and he deserves it to be American made.

Admit it. You love to sit around on a Friday night and swap stories with your buds. So, the next Friday or Saturday night that finds you drinking beer, swapping stories and talking shop, impress your bros with this not trivial trivia about your favorite saw arbors.  Seriously.

Start With Your Precision

slitting saw arborYou don’t cut or grind with any tool. You use the perfect blade and you get your precision from your perfect saw arbor.  Whether you are using a general purpose arbor, a slitting saw arbor, or an ultra precision saw arbor you get precision with a capital P.  That’s because you only use saw arbors from The Tool Company. You buy saw arbors made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. Their unique design gives you the ability to get your cutter closer than anyone else. Nothing else gets you up close like your saw arbor. Let them top that.

Be a Control Freak

That awesome design that gets you so close also provides extra cutter support.  The deep cap design means less slitting saw arbor setslippage.  Ever had a cutter chatter like your girlfriend talking about how much money she saved by buying new shoes? Yeah well that’s your buddy’s problem; not yours. Your incredible saw arbors create less chatter and less slippage. That means your need to be a control freak equals less ruined work and more life out of your saw blade. Go ahead; brag about your control.

Then tell them that the unique Vibracore design also minimizes vibration.

Lay it out for them:

  • Extra support
  • No Chatter
  • Less Slippage
  • Less Vibration

They couldn’t get a better saw arbor if they made it themselves. The arbors and trays at The Tool Company are just that good.

You Have Saw Arbors for Any Application

The Tool Company carries a wide variety of saw arbors for different applications.  They are so affordable you have them all.  That means you’ve got saw hole sizes that range from ¼ inch all the way up to 1 ¼ inch. General purpose saw arbors, ultra precision saw arbors, and slitting saw arbors. You can afford to specialize.  All with weldon shanks for security.  All give you extra long reach out.  You’ve got cutter holders that work just as hard as you do.

saw arbors

Your Saw Arbors Are Made in the USA

Politicians may talk about bringing manufacturing back to America, but you do more than talk.  You support hardworking Americans by only buying American-made saw arbors.  Tell them to check it out.  Every tool, tray, and cutter holder you buy from The Tool Company was made in the USA by workers just like you.

Tell them you don’t get ripped off by cheap imitations from foreign companies. arbors.  You could maybe even tell them to buy saw arbors from The Tool Company and be a top machinist like you.

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