Why is precision cutting so scary for the hobby machinist? It ranks right up there with fly cutting in the fear factor. Maybe it’s because precision means control and the home machinist isn’t confident in their skill. But, control shouldn’t scare you when you use the right ultra precision saw arbor.

Think of it like this: a precision blade is just a saw that makes small cuts. They cuts may be in wood or  metal. What they have in common is size. They are small. Small cuts demand precision. You must get close to the work area and have rigidity.

How to Make Precision Cuts

Now we’ve defined a precision cut, let’s make some. Here is how:

  • Proper feed and speed rate – When isn’t using the right feed and speed important? That precision saw blade may look like a conventional circular saw blade but it isn’t. It is fragile. Get close, run slow and low.
  •  Use fluid – Be generous with your fluid.
  •  Keep it clean – Remove all chips with each pass
  •  Go one Way – Never “saw” back and forth. Always cut in one direction

How to Pick an Ultra Precision Arbor with Precision

All saw arbors hold the blade in place. But ultra precision cuts require an ultra precision saw arbor. Use the same precision in selecting your arbor as you do in making your cut. Remember, ultra precision cuts require ultra rigidity. The blade must be close to the work piece. A cap holds your standard saw arbor in place. If the work is held by a vise, that cap is a problem. If the clamping screw and vise meet up you’ve got a real problem. Avoid that problem with an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company. The  deep cap that creates a low profile. The blade gets closer to work area than with a conventional arbor.

ultra precision arborThe Tool Company’s Ultra Precision Saw Arbor

This purchase is easy. Just buy your ultra precision saw arbor at The Tool Company. Not only will your saw arbor get close to the work, you’ll get:

  • Excellent vibration absorption
  • Durable weldon shank
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

Every saw arbor we sell is proudly made in the USA. Buy your saw arbor individually or in sets. Don’t let precision cuts scare you. Make ’em with an arbor from The Tool Company.

Do you machine with precision or do you machine with ultra precision? Know the difference?  Ultra precision machining removes material to an ultra-high standard at a tolerance of tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005 MM. You can grind, turn, and mill at ultra high precision tolerances.  But, to maintain those tight tolerances you can’t tolerate staggering tools. Ultra precision machining demands ultra rigidity. You need an ultra precision arbor to get that required ultimate rigidity.

Ultra Precision Machining for Different Industries

Manual and CNC machinists serve many different industries. Parts for defense, dental/medical, aerospace, and high tech industries require machining with ultra precision and tight tolerances. It’s not easy to produce these very small parts. Think of them as tiny in size and huge in requirements. But, the pay-off is tremendous. This is definitely a money-making niche.

Are you up to the challenge? If so, customers are waiting. See, there’s no room for mistakes when you have tight specifications. But if you can handle tight tolerances and produce parts on schedule you’ve got a ready-made market. Just prove your shop is up to the job.  Assure them you have the machines, training, and tools to get it done. That means using ultra precision tools held with with an ultra precision arbor.

ultra precision saw arborUse an Ultra Precision Arbor for Tight Tolerances

Precision machining means removing material precisely. That takes a cutter held by an ultra precision arbor for maximum rigidity. Rigidity is required if you want to keep the cutter on the work instead of staggering around the stock. It doesn’t matter if you are protoGold Series ultra precision arbor settyping or producing the finished product, the finished piece must match the job specifications. You must control the cutter at all times. Keep the cutter on the job with an arbor. Keep cutting with ultra precision with an ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company.

The Tool Company sells tools made in the USA with ultra precision. You need rigidity, we’ve got it. If you want tight tolerances, don’t tolerate anything less than The Tool Company quality. Order today.

Precision machining removes material to a high standard. Most CNC machines have no problems with a tolerance of tolerance of 0.002″ or 0.005 MM. Grinding, milling and turning are all just done to ultra high precision. Those tight tolerances don’t leave room for staggering tools. For the ultimate rigidity, you need an ultra precision arbor if you’re going to be ultra precision machining.

Precision Machining for Industry

CNC machines run parts for use in many different industries. Defense, aerospace, medical and electronics industries all need ultra precision machining. Due to their very small size and very stringent requirements, machining parts for these customers is very demanding.  When working with such tight tolerances, there is no room for error. Potential customers want to know that you can manage the job and turn out the parts on time every time. You’ve got to prove that not only does your shop have the machines and training, but you’ve got the tools as well. And when it comes to tools, ultra precision machining requires holding the tool with an ultra precision arbor.

set of saw arborsUltra Precision Arbor for Tight Tolerances

An ultra precision arbor provides the maximum rigidity to remove material precisely. The blade stays on the job, not wandering around the workstock. Whether you are prototyping or in production, the finished piece must match engineered specifications. You can’t get that level of control if you can’t even control your tool. Whether you are machining with high speed steel or carbide, the tool must stay on task. That’s the job of your arbor.

ultra precision arborUltra Precision Arbors from The Tool Company

When you are machining with precision, you’ve got to get as close to the workspace as possible. The Tool Company gets that. Every ultra precision arbor we sell is designed to get your cutter as close to the work area as possible. Deep, low profile caps are our secret weapon. Deploy our secret weapon on your next project and achieve precision you’ve only dreamt of before. The weldon shank and extra long reach out get you up and working and working up close quickly.

Order your ultra precision arbor today and machine with more than precision. Machine with ultra precision.

Slitting and precision cutting is scarier than a witch at Halloween.  Thankfully, the job is easier for CNC machinists. We use software to do the calculating. Manual machinists don’t have it that easy.  However, both CNC’ers and manual machinists know that G-wizard software can’t hold your saw blade. It can’t get you as close to the work area as possible.  You must use an ultra precision arbor for that job.

The Precision Cut Horror Story

Precision cutting is like walking into the dark basement in a horror flick. Things may turn out okay or there could be a massacre. Do you machine for  microelectronics?  What good is 0.01 mm position accuracy if your blade wanders like the Mummy, just arisen from the dead?  If you do work for medical or dental applications, it doesn’t do any good to have equipment that slays harmonic resonance like a silver bullet to a werewolf, if you can’t get the cutter close to the work area.

Precision cuts require precision set-up, proper fluid, the right blade, and a precision arbor. Get just one  wrong and you sacrifice precision like a babysitter in a slasher flick.  A thin kerf blade can’t last without the precision combo of fluid, feeds and speeds.  Everything comes together just right.

The Tool Company knows more about ultra precision arbors than horror movies. We can’t help with the blade, but we can make sure that your blade is held with rigidity and is up close  to the work area. We sell the ultra precision arbor to complement your ultra precision blade.

The Least Scary Ultra Precision Arbor Ever

Don’t be afraid of our ultra precision arbor. It was designed to reduce vibration from the ground up.  The unique Vibra-Core design absorbs vibration through the arbor.  When you reduce vibration, good things happen. Like finding the cure to the zombie-causing virus.

ultra precision arbor

CNC applications use high speed carbide or cobalt saws.  Unfortunately, not all arbors play well with high speed applications.  Our ultra precision arbor is ready to do the job. It is heat-treated for strength and integrity.

The extra long reach simply out performs all other ultra precision arbors. Period.  The more accurately your tool is held in the spindle, the longer it will last. Hurray!

Get the Best at The Tool Company

You deserve more than horror movie cliches. You deserve the best ultra precision arbor made. So, stop messing around and buy one today.  Each item we sell is proudly made in the USA.  No gremlin-infested, inferior foreign-made products here.

Support American manufacturing and buy your ultra precision arbor from  The Tool Company today or we’ll haunt you with more bad Halloween references.

Happy Halloween from The Tool Company

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