Okay, aside from getting organized, what are you doing after the holidays? It’s a great time to get out in the shop and putter. Not sure what to do? Take a look at these great projects you can make with your ultra precision saw arbor and blade. Get off the couch and stop being a slug! Make this the best year yet in the shop.

Make Puzzles

Puzzles with less than 500 pieces are still fun. Make a large puzzle with 20 to 25 pieces and sit it out on a coffee table. People will start talking for sure.  Here’s what you do. Just start with your sketch laid out on grid paper. Take a look at this one from Stuff Done Right

Convert it to a 1:1 scale 2D DXF file for simplicity. Use work stock about 1/8″ thick. Start cutting with an ultra precision arbor and blade. Use an arbor that gets the blade close to the work area. Take your time to make the intricate cuts. This is how it turns out.

Image Courtesy of Stuff Done Right

With enough practice, you’ll be making these as gifts by the end of the year.

Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms help guests keep their glasses straight. For design inspiration, head over to Etsy where people sell these things for a pretty penny. Make a simple star or a complex as a snowflake. Because your ultra precision arbor absorbs vibration, you don’t worry about chatter and can cut complex designs. Heck, you might even start making these to sell yourself!

use ultra precision arbor and saw to cut wine charms from metalAdd beads or gems to the charm for a real artistic touch.

Cut Some Chargers


Chargers are metal plates larger than a dinner plate. They are used to make a table look just a bit fancier. Most women swoon over chargers but they don’t want to buy them. So, start practicing now and come birthdays or Mother’s Day you will be ready to make a set of charger plates.  Basically, all you need is a large round piece of metal.  Check out this one from Home Depot of all places!

You could cheat by buying the charger and just cutting the design. For a fancy touch, spray  it with paint and bake the finish on in the oven. With a delicate  design like this, use ultra precision. So, be sure to use an ultra precision arbor.

Ultra Precision Arbor Made in the USA

As an American machine hobbyist, don’t you want to support the hard working people in the US who machine for a living? Sure you do. So resolve to buy American in 2020.  Buy your ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company.

Get your cutter up close with no chatter or vibration. Now that’s precision. So, get in the shop. Create great things in 2020. Who knows, you might even sell them for a few bucks and turn your hobby into a side hustle.


If you are like most home machinists, two things scare you. Learning to use a fly cutter and trying make precision cuts. Experienced machinists know that precision requires control. Many hobby machinists aren’t confident when it comes to control. But, control isn’t a problem if start with a quality, ultra precision arbor and saw blade.

See, using an ultra precision saw is nothing more just making small, precise cuts. Doesn’t matter what material you are cutting. It could be wood or metal. But small cuts require precision. Precision means you’ve got to get up close and person with the work area.

slitting saw blades require special slitting saw arborHacks for Precision Cuts

Now that you know what makes a precision cut, let’s get sawing. Use these hacks to ace precision cuts:

  • Watch your speeds. It’s better to use less speed when you need precision.  Just because that  blade looks like a  circular saw blade doesn’t mean it cuts like one. So, for precision slits and cuts, get in close and run slow. Keep the feed rate low as well.
  •  Use plenty of lubricant or air to keep the area clean. This isn’t the time to be stingy with lubricant. Flood the workarea if you must.
  •  Make sure to remove all swarf after every pass. It’s important to keep the cut clean.
  •  Make sure you always cut in the same direction.

ultra precision arbor

Use an Ultra Precision Arbor

All saw arbors are supposed to keep the saw blade in place. But ultra precision cutting requires extraordinary rigidity. It also requires you to get the blade as close to the work as possible. Most  saw arbors are held in place with a cap. This cap can be a problem if a vise is holding the workpiece. If the clamping screw runs afoul of the vise the result is disaster. Ruined work.  But the ultra precision arbor sold by The Tool Company solves that problem. It gets a low profile from its deep cap. As a result, you can get the blade closer to the work area than with a standard arbor.

ultra precision arbor

Buy the Best Ultra Precision Arbor

The best ultra precision arbor is found at The Tool Company. This arbor does more than just get you close to the workpiece. Proximity is just the start. Additional benefits are:

  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Durable Weldon shank
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty

It’s also homegrown. That’s right. The best ultra precision arbor is made in the USA. Order a set of three ultra precision arbors or just buy an individual arbor. Either way, you’ll cut with precision when you cut with an ultra precision arbor.

The Tool Company is just full of good news. Your favorite seller of the ultra precision arbor and fly cutter is stoked to share some good news for metalworkers. The Gardner Business Index for Metalworking has been decreasing in durable goods capacity utilization.

courtesy Stuart Miles

So What?

Why do you care? Because its incredible news for metalworkers. So, you better grab your tool tray, your collet wrench and your ultra precision arbor and get to work.

Because the backlog index is accelerating, durable goods capacity utilization should shift from contraction to expansion. After 22 months of contraction, that’s good news too.

Remember,  the backlog index is a growth leading indicator.  And, it’s a reliable leading indicator to boot. Finally, contraction is ready to shift to growth.

It’s time to work.

Potential for Growth in Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average job growth rate. They predict growth of 17% to 2024. This includes jobs for metal and plastic workers. For toolmakers, the news is even better. How does a job growth rate of about 6% sound to you? Toolmakers are getting close to retirement and few workers are entering the field. This is one job with tremendous potential for growth.

Millwrights have an even brighter future. Their predicted job growth rate  is 14%.

So, CNC workers have lots of good news to cheer about. When the manufacture of durable goods grows the number of jobs grows too.  It doesn’t matter if you make goods or make parts, you’re going to have plenty to do. So, get your tools ready!

Get Your Ultra Precision Arbor and Get Ready!

Gold Series ultra precision arbor set

Gold Series Ultra Precision Arbor Box Set

Get ready to go to work with American-made tools. The Tool Company believes in American manufacturing. We only sell products made in the USA.

We back what we sell with a 5 year warranty. Our ultra precision arbor incorporates Vibra-Core technology. This reduces chatter. Only our accufeed brings finger-tip control to your press.

Why settle for cheap imitations made in foreign countries? Just buy the best from The Tool Company. Then get to work! The future is bright for metalworkers, millwrights, and all machinists.

Milling machines have evolved. Today’s machines have more power and bring more precision to the trade.  The need for precision gave birth to ever more sophisticated machinery. CNC mills make ultra precision cuts that weren’t possible with manual mills. This ultra precision machining requires ultra precision arbors. Good news for American machinists. The Tool Company has American-made arbors  from Sierra American Multi-Systems that give you ultra precision for ultra precision cuts.

ultra precision arbor for machining for aerospace industry

Feel the Need for Speed?

Maverick and Goose might have felt the need for speed in Top Gun, but today’s machinists need speed and precision. The “Danger Zone” is failing to deliver parts at the rate your customer needs. And, it doesn’t matter if you do rapid prototyping, small runs, or large runs. The customer’s needs are your needs. Those customers demand quick turnaround and they want tight tolerances. Your mission is to deliver. And deliver you do, ultra fast, ultra precision and on-time. From precision, micro-machining to industrial engraving you must have reliable tools and parts.  The Tool Company can help.

American Made Arbors for American Machinists

The Tool Company sells high quality cutting tool holders and shop supplies made right here in the USA.  Every ultra precision saw arbor we sell is made in San Juan Capistrano. Get tools made with the same care and attention to detail you use in your own shop.

The arbor product line starts with long reach, general purposes arbors. These arbors are famous for getting you as close as possible. Our gold series of ultra precision arbors really stands out. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting, grinding or sharpening, your tool is secure.

set of ultra precision arbors

Ultra Precision Arbors for Carbide and Cobalt High Speed Saws

This gold series of ultra precision arbors features deep, low profile caps. Your blades get the benefit of extra support. You get the benefit of  less cutter slippage.

Need precision to get close?  This unique cap design gives a machinist the closest cutter to the work area possible.  You  get closer than with any other saw arbor on the market. Talk about a gold standard in ultra precision arbors!

So, buy an ultra precision arbor made in the USA. Make sure your arbors come from The Tool Company.

Don’t get ripped off by cheap, foreign imitators. Buy from The Tool Company.  We believe that American machinists do the best work and deserve the best quality tools and supplies. See the difference ultra precision arbors make. Order your ultra precision arbor today.


You can have the most expensive equipment and the highest quality blade, but if you don’t have a high-quality saw arbor and apply the proper fluid as you cut with the correct feed and speed rates then you aren’t going to end up with a clean cut.

Cutting with a Slitting Saw is Different

saw close upThe internet is loaded with CNC’ers posting, complaining, and asking about problems with slitting saw cuts. If it can possibly go wrong with machining, it will probably go wrong when you try to make a cut with a slitting saw. Broken blades, broken arbors, ruined work are all woes associated with slitting saw cuts gone wrong.

Slitting Saw Advantages. Let’s face it, if you need a very thin cut, a slitting saw is the tool for the job.  They really aren’t designed for thick  cuts, you can make a  thin cut  fairly deep. It’s also much easier to get a thin cut with a slitting saw than trying to do it with an end mill.

Slitting Saw Disadvantages. Most slitting saw cuts require slow speeds.  This is particularly true if the blade is large. So while the feed speed needs to be slow, you run the risk of letting the blade dwell if you run too slow. Slitting saws requir lots of cutting oil or lubricant. It can also be very hard to get the cutting fluid to the slit, especially if the slit is particularly thin or deep.

flood of waterfall

Let the River Flow

It doesn’t matter the material you are working or the blade you are using, making a slitting cut requires a flood of lubricant. This is because slitting saws are very thin by nature.  As far as saw blades are concerned, they are fragile as well.

Your slitting saw blade has been heat treated to make it hard and keep it sharp. As the blade makes contact with the material and begins to cut, friction is created. Everyone knows that friction creates heat.  This heat will ruin the slitting saw blade treatment and as a result the blade will dull quickly. Heat can also cause chips and/or the work material to fuse to the blade. That’s a recipe for ruined work and ruined blades.

By flooding the work with plenty of cutting oil or lubricant you keep the work area cool and flush away chips.

A Superior Saw Arbor is Necessary if you Want Superior Cuts

So you have a great machine, a killer blade, and loads of coolant. Don’t ruin your perfect set-up with an under performing saw arbor.

There are plenty of cheap, imported arbors for sale. But like most things in life, you get what you pay for. That means if you don’t pay very much, you probably won’t get very much. Foreign arbors are rarely very true. If you need to make a horizontal cut, this causes very true problems.  You aren’t going to get a quality cut if the saw arbor allows the blade to wander like a drunken sailor.

Slitting Saw Arbors and Precision Arbors

set of saw arborsWhether you need a general purpose saw arbor, a slitting saw arbor, or a precision arbor get your arbors from The Tool Company.

The Tool Company  carries slitting saw arbors made to handle blades from ¼” to 1 ¼”.  No mater the size, each saw arbor features a deep, low profile cap for reduced slippage. The arbors from The Tool Company also all have an extra long reach to go where other arbors can’t.

All of our saw arbors are stable as well. Your saw won’t turn into a drunken sailor when  saw arboryou use a saw arbor from The Tool Company.

Each saw arbor is carefully made in the USA. The Tool Company will never sell you a cheap import that doesn’t cut true.

For your best quality slitting saw cut, use a quality saw arbor from The Tool Company.  Order today!

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